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Reinvent personal and professional life with Hideaway programmes

Bevel's Hideaway programmes present a forward-thinking approach to personal and professional leadership and invite an enlightened perspective that encourages individual growth and authentic development.


One large element of our programme practice focuses on the Enneagram's three centres of intelligence (mind, body and heart). Through this exercise, we can discover new ways to better communicate and affect positive change with others around us while becoming more intuned with how we, as unique individuals, relate to the world.


By participating in this unpacking process, you will bring more genuineness to your work and life.

Self-leadership Retreat

Continuous Impactful Learning


Off-site Team Training


Mental Health Platform



By refocusing your intention in a peaceful environment, you’ll create harmony between goals and wellbeing.


You’ll have the space and time to delve deep and reflect, allowing you to live your truth and discover your passion.


You’ll redefine and realign what holds the most value – your family, job, team, the planet’s wellbeing.


You’ll learn how to realize your dreams while awakening  your real life’s purpose and making an impact.


You’ll feel energized and powerful, so you can tackle every new challenge with courage and bold authenticity.

Bevel Authentic Leadership Approach

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Bevel Hideaways give participants full permission to learn and grow mindfully in a safe, peaceful environment. By setting an intention to explore the limitless possibilities of your future, you’ll likely walk away with a pivotal experience that stays in your heart and mind for a very long time. 

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