Transform a crisis into an opportunity with Bevel.

Accelerating the mental, emotional, and physical adaptation of Ukrainians, we help them to become purpose-driven and reliable partners for their motherland from any point of Europe. We also set up a unique ecosystem where the workforce needs of international environment can be covered by highly motivated and upskilled employees. Where win-win cooperation of open-minded leaders and worthy talented individuals can drive business performance. Where the new society of united global support, borderless prosperity and economic progress can be born.

Module 1. Integration
Local Regulations
Financial Systems
Social Integration
Culture Adaption
Job Market


Module 3. Reactivation
Job Strategy
Goals Setting


Module 2. Resilience
Healing Traumas
Stress Management
Kundalini Yoga


With your support, we are targeted at transforming the fastest-growing migration crisis into a powerful movement of strong, resourceful and agile individuals. Sponsor one participant to make a difference.

Sponsorship & Collaboration

Shaping the future of Europe together.

With the Bevel Integration Programme, let's build the next generation of leaders, who are able to convert any fears into strength. Join us now.

Disclaimer: The purpose of data collection is to facilitate the organization of this programme through international collaborative ecosystem and sponsorship for Ukrainian Migrants. It will not be shared or disclosed externally to any third parties.

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