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Bevel-Enneagram: Shifting Perspectives

Turn your view of the world into your superpower!

Set an intention and look within!

What’s missing from your life?

By focusing your energy on a specific area, you’ll allow your whole being to flourish.


In this programme, we ask you to set an intention on improving the aspect of your life you feel you’ve lost sight of, whether it’s related to health, happiness, or professional success. Once you register through Bevel and complete your enneagram test, you’ll be given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Bevel expert skilled at framing the test results to support your chosen goals. 

Bevel-Enneagram is for:



Develop new insight to approach your biggest goals with clarity and confidence.

T E A M  

Lean into your own personality to strengthen your professional and personal relations.

E V E R Y O N E  
A N D   M O R E

Discover your potential as a human based on how you interact with the world around you.

What is your Enneagram type?

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 22.22.58.png

When you purchase the Enneagram test through Bevel, you will:

Feel confident knowing your test comes directly from the highly researched and statistically validated Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS). It is the only Enneagram inventory reviewed in Buros's Mental Measurements Yearbook (15th edition).​

Gain access to free group sessions led by one of our Bevel Trainers to further unpack the secrets linked to your specific personality type.


Benefit from the exclusive opportunity to review and evaluate your Enneagram test results one-on-one with a Bevel Trainer who can assist you in achieving your goals, whether it’s related to health, happiness or success.


Learn how to harness the results of your Enneagram to strengthen relationships in team and one-on-one environments.

Learn more about different profiles

Discover the 9 distinct profiles that shape our personalities from childhood, driving our motivations, actions, and communication styles. Uncover the unique traits of each profile and gain valuable insights into yourself and others.

Benefit from a personalised review
with one of our Enneagram Trainers

Bevel is partnering with Certified Enneagram Teachers to bring you a comprehensive self-awareness programme that will enable you to better understand yourself, and inspire you to connect more constructively with the world around you. Learn to finally feel at ease in your skin as you realize the most powerful tools come from the personality you’ve been developing over your entire lifetime.

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Learn your Enneagram type

Gain deeper insights and make the most of your Enneagram session by discovering your Enneagram type beforehand.

Enneagram workshop participant, France

"A lot of practical information about myself and my colleagues, and how to work with opposite types."

Bevel Team Offsite Participant, Switzerland

"I had an amazing time and learnt a lot about myself and the Team from Eneagram, one of the best workshops in my life!"

Individual Coaching with Bevel, Germany

"I highly recommend Bevel's Enneagram sessions for anyone seeking deeper insights into themselves and their relationships."
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