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Sabrina Sznák

I’m a passionate nutrition professional with many years of international experience in the food industry. I’m a food engineer, Master in Agri-Food Business, Master in Food, Nutrition and Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and also hold a certificate in Personalized Sports Nutrition. Apart from my academic background, I research what people need or lack in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, across different age groups, populations, regions and socio-economic backgrounds. I specialize in plant-based diets, which is a choice for a more sustainable life and the wellbeing of the planet. I've been living as a vegetarian since I was 15 and I’m now a vegan.

At 4ward Motion, Sabrina leads Force-Sustainable Nutrition and will give you the tools to age gracefully, improve your wellbeing, and reduce your risk of disease and chronic illness in a long-term.

Sabrina is an established nutrition coach with qualifications from:
Institute of Health Sciences | United Kingdom, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Certificate
Ms. Food, Nutrition, Health | University College Dublin, Ireland
Ms. Agro-Food Business Management | Catholic University Argentina
Food Science Engineer | UADE University Argentina

"Learning how improve variety, better combine foodstuff, and how to lower our impact... this is not just a diet. It's a new lifestyle that helped me feel healthier and happier than ever before." — Fernanda (Neuquen, Argentina)

"Working with Sabrina has been a wonderful journey. Not only does she provide a personalized plan to achieve one's goals, but also she is constantly checking on your progress to make sure you get there in the easiest way possible." — Katherine G.A. (Antwerp, Belgium)


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Professional Orientation:

Sustainable Living ∙ Transition Into Plant-Based Nutrition


Amsterdam, Netherlands


ENG ∙ ES ∙ FR ∙ PT ∙ NL



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Signature Group Programme

Top reasons to switch to a plant-based diet: improve your immune system, reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy weight, increase fibre (gut health), lower risk of diseases.
Through our sessions you will learn how to switch to a plant-based diet in a smooth but steady manner, in order to allow our body to adjust to the new regime.

Plant based nutrition has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest manner to nourish our bodies, since it promotes overall health. Besides, thanks to the high fibre and micronutrients intake (vitamin and minerals), you may feel more energetic, boost your mood, improve sleep and combat stress.

After these classes you will be able to make adequate food choices regardless the circumstance (travelling, eating out, preparing food.) Your body will experience a natural positive feeling and improvement.

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Transition to Plant-Based Nutrition Programme

Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1. Clean your digestive system and prepare for a change

Session 2. Learn you personal energy requirements

Session 3. Control emotional eating, anxiety and portion sizes

Session 4. Value the quality of a dish on a higher level

Session 5. Recognize and manage digestive disconformities

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