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Tilla Fries

I’m Tilla Fries, 31 years old, living in Italy and your Pilates expert at Bevel.
Passionate about movement and physical activity, I decided to turn it into a professional career. After completing my University studies in 2015 with a Master in preventive and adapted physical activities at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, I specialized in the Pilates method.
Since then I’m dedicating my life to share the benefits and principles of Pilates, teaching both, individual and group classes.

In 4ward Motion Tilla will inspire you to include Pilates exercises in your lifestyle as a way of self-exploration, increasing self-awareness, deeper body mind connection and overall health.

"What I like most about the pilates practice: first of all the passion our teacher has, the commitment and the attention she pays to all the participants is outstanding. The result is a feeling of health and enjoyment I take away with me after each lesson!" — Eleonora

"I have been following Tilla's pilates classes for some years now. She helped me with posture and exercise corrections. Furthermore, Till has a great ability in creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment perfect for concentrating on your practice." — Claudia


Pilates Trainer

Professional Orientation:

Pilates ∙ Power Of Movement







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Signature Group Programme

In the 5 sessions, you will start your own inner and outer transformation journey following the key Pilates principles: breathing, centring, concentration, control, precision and flow.

We progressively master Pilates techniques to increase your muscle strength, improve your posture, flexibility and mobility.

During these sessions Tilla will teach how to include Pilates exercises in your daily activities to increase your confidence, stress resistance and concentration.

After these classes you will feel stronger and more confident. You will be equipped with the small tips and tricks on how to maintain your energy levels through the day and stay focused on the complex tasks.

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Body & Mind Coordination Programme by Tilla Fries

Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1. Master the breathing technics to increase your endurance and emotional control

Session 2. Strengthen your core muscles to feel more confident and balanced

Session 3. Go through the full body alignment to improve your posture and concentration

Session 4. Integrate Pilates techniques in your routines at home and a work to improve stress management

Session 5. Learn to accelerate the general energy flow to Improve your concentration and efficiency

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