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Inna Malaia

Having enjoyed more than 15 years of success in the international corporate world, my quest for a higher purpose and search for excellence inspired me to step into the world of Entrepreneurship.

I have created Bevel to educate individuals and companies on how to mindfully scale and compete within the world’s ever-changing landscape, all while prioritizing fulfilment. I am an advocate of empowerment and future of leadership, who promotes a culture of positivity and sustainable personal growth to help others achieve their maximum meaning.

In 4ward Motion Inna leads Power Motion and will talk about Emotional Agility, Value Based Leadership, Ecosystems, Upskilling for the Future of Work, Authenticity and Empathy in private and professional life.

After these sessions, you will find your inner drive to shape your world in a more powerful way. Power will become the key force behind you participating fully, creatively, and passionately in your own life.

“Inna is amazing as a former corporate manager who knows what people struggle about. She is the business engine.” — Vlad, Startup Founder

“I was looking for answers that I could not find by myself. And when I was discussing with Inna she would lead me on some valuable things that I didn’t see before.” — Nils, Marketing Professional

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Inna Malaia


Leadership Trainer ∙ Public Speaker ∙ Business Advisor ∙ Author

Professional Orientation:

Human-Centric Leadership ∙ Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship


Geneva, Switzerland


ENG ∙ FR ∙ UA ∙ RU



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Self-management is not about controlling yourself, or forcing yourself to think more positively, exercise, or eat healthily. It is about being flexible with your body, thoughts and feelings so that you can respond optimally to the everyday situations. In this programme we will work on your automated habits that no longer serve your future. We will show you how to rebuild your entire social network and bring in people who will help you grow. We will reinforce your confidence, in yourself and the future that awaits you.

This programme will help you make peace with even your most difficult emotions, enhance your confidence to enjoy your being, achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

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Signature Group Programme

Self-Management for More Confident Future by Inna Malaia

Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1. Holistic self-awareness: mind, body, emotions

Session 2. Self-regulation and emotional agility

Session 3. Leverage own strengths and super powers

Session 4. Reprioritise your daily life and current ecosystems

Session 5. Build self-confidence and impactful future goals

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