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Mon, Sep 26


Hybrid Mix of Online and Offline events


Drive business performance through personal upskilling with Bevel Adepts

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Sep 26, 2022, 10:00 AM GMT+2 – Oct 13, 2022, 10:00 PM GMT+2

Hybrid Mix of Online and Offline events




Impactful and powerful network that boosts individual’s talents sits at the heart of Bevel culture. We don’t create separate projects, we create connected platforms throughout the Bevel World, linking people, businesses and ideas.

Following this concept, recent Bevel Integration Programme aimed at accelerating the assimilation of Ukrainian migrants in Switzerland gained unprecedented effect and gave rise to forming a new community of high skilled and talented people – Bevel Adepts. 4 Self-made Business Founders are ready to share their knowledge and help others to convert fears into strength within the new Bevel Scale Up Programme.

The initiative emerged due to the widespread need of businesses to move from bare purpose to meaningful action. It allows to diagnose where they are, where they want to get to and how they can speed up the growth. Scale Up Programme is a fertile space for entrepreneurial progress.


This project is targeted on solo entrepreneurs, management and marketers of small and medium-sized companies desiring to increase their performance. It’s a multi-component platform for nurturing skills that determine business results.

How it goes when you strive to start the business or catalyze current achievements? Initially, you set the ambitious goals, then design bold and inspiring pathway, and after all, the hardest part just begins – transforming theory and business plan into actions leading to commercial thriving.

Even for high-educated entrepreneurs the way how to deliver growth and enhance performance could be unclear. Commonly because of unawareness of some unique empirical tools, which couldn’t be found anywhere except of successful life examples and individual business stories. Providing you with diverse knowledge and insights meticulously selected from real experience of Bevel Adepts, we help equip your personal set of competences with lacking ones. We show Adept’s breakthrough examples, as well as spread out them into very precise and practical steps, in a way you can examine it, reproduce and even more – hone according to your particular aims.

The complex and interdisciplinary nature of the challenges the entrepreneurs face nowadays means that classic business knowledge is insufficient for quantifiable impact. To achieve the last one, we offer Scale Up Programme – experience-centric educational programme at the interface of leadership skills of the future, networking-based approach and up-to-date digital tools.

The Programme is a carefully built combination of business management competencies including financial and marketing strategy, digital marketing, SMM, communications, as well as soft skills along with personal branding, self-management skills and persuasive public speaking. It is scheduled in line with the best practices of learning design, through a unique mix of online and offline edutainment events: showcases, networking trainings, real-business situation modelling.


Early entrepreneur full of energy, goals and inspiration however confused of low customer flow. They are in need to crystallize business positioning / upgrade your market offer / break the deadlock in your ROI / any other start-stage-issue that prevent to profit.

Established entrepreneur with a long independent business history, but very smooth dynamic. They are willing to gain new clients, increase engagement of current, improve customer’s loyalty and finally scale up the profit.

Corporate professionals intended to launch own business, looking for effective way how to transform corporate type of learning and high-calibre education into start-up mindset applicable to small enterprises, as well as minimize financial risks during transition period.


Inna Malaia – Founder and CEO of Bevel Teaches Strategic Leadership, Strategic Business Advisor and Self-Leadership Trainer. Made a bold move from international corporate world into purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Сreated Bevel to educate individuals and companies on how to mindfully scale and compete within the world’s ever-changing landscape.

Max Itskovich - Sales Management Founder and CEO of Mobindustry Business Advisor Lecturer and Speaker Adores using technologies for bringing more value to the customers and increasing revenue for the businesses. Proficiency in iOS Development, Business Analytics, Information Security.

Alena Pavlova – Personal Branding Founder and CEO American Bla Bar, Linguist, Entrepreneur, Personal Brand Trainer. Master of Self-Presentation and studying English through psychology. Develops personal brands and is watching how it influences business growth. Teaches art of creating powerful public positioning to be always into the spotlight of networked business environment.

Nataliia Gorbachenko – Founder and CEO of NG Public Performance  Executive Conference & Events Manager, Public Performance Trainer, Official Master of Ceremonies certificated by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Passionate about new in-demand skill – Public Speaking in Digital Space and performing through Live Events. Master of pitching businesses to deliver meaningful results.

Building their own business brands, they tested numerous tools and have learnt perfectly how to deliver effective solutions in their industries. Through pioneering expertise and sharpened mastery, they are excellent mentors in performance-oriented entrepreneurship.

Five inspirational business leaders talentedly united by Inna Malaia, Programme Director & Bevel Founder, Master of connecting people and accumulating intellectual and creative resources for meaningful results.


  • 1 hour

    Programme Welcome and Building a Business with Purpose


  • 1 hour 30 minutes

    Mastering your Go to Market Strategy

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  • Programme Admission Ticket

    This ticket gives you the full access to the programme with the personal service manager administrating your agenda and invites through the direct email correspondence and updates. The Full Programme admission gives you an opportunity to be automatically enrolled to Bevel Impactful Tribe community to build on your network and knowledge. And you will have a direct access to the recordings of each event. The online transaction service fee is excluded from a ticket price.

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