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La Mainaz  Jura, France

We invite you to the most beautiful panoramic view in Europe. Each morning during our leadership retreat, you will enjoy a fascinating view of Mount Mont Blanc and Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). This charming 4-star hotel is situated 1,250 meters above the sea in a French ski and golf resort, 35 minutes by car from Geneva (your landing airport).

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Frutt by Kempinski  Lucerne, Switzerland

You will fall in love with the mountains reflecting in the water on a high plateau in the heart of Switzerland. This 4-star mountain resort represents European luxury, the charm of the Swiss mountains and an outstanding range of mindful experiences. Let us walk you in a soundless space, quiet and slow, where you will redefine your life and turn it into a meaningful being. Your landing airport is Zurich.

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Le Palace

Le Palace de Menthon ∙ Annecy, France

Open the door into your future at this 5-star historic French palace nestled between lake and mountains. Write a beautiful story of your life on the shores of Lake Annecy, where you can reset your mind, body and spirit, listen to your heart and rediscover the missing link to your wellbeing and happiness. Your landing airport is Geneva, Switzerland.