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Build the next generation of leaders through reinvented authenticity and strengthened empathy in the workplace

2020 demanded a pivot in the workplace, unlike any other. And while many made the shift, very few have taken full advantage of the capabilities this new perspective has awarded us.

Bevel Authentic Teams Hideaway Programme shows you how, with a unique framework that understands your changing business needs.

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In just four days, you will identify what's holding your team back as you develop core strengths and discover new ways to collaborate. Make significant progress in positioning your team for the future with a clear awareness of capabilities and reinforced trust.

The purpose of this programme is to connect you with your team at an authentic level. We will help you visualise a future that resonates with all team members and aligns with your company's business goals, values, and core mission.

We use the Enneagram methodology to assess the team, identifying the strength and evolutionary cooperation between all team members. This process helps teams create more robust and effective relationships, cultivate compassion and become happier at work. 

  • Prevent workplace disfunction while preparing or implementing organizational transformation. 

  • Strengthen employee engagement following the period of remote work. Enhance the collaboration between team members.

  • Elevate the inner strengths of individual team members and learn how to align them to support your team goals.


What to expect from Bevel's 4-day team hideaway


Draw inspiration in a peaceful environment. Seek truth and refocus your attention from business performance to team evolution. 


Breakdown barriers in communication, delve deep and reflect, as you and your team discover how to build a better business ecosystem.


Redefine what is valuable and align your understanding to form more effective relationships with your team members.


Grow powerful as a team, with revitalised confidence that allows you to tackle every business challenge together.


Adopt an approach to authentic leadership, ensuring an optimistic future full of collaborations and team trust. 


When internal cultures shift, opportunity expands for those around us. When we can connect authentically, we can learn how to best build confidence in our teams. You can create businesses for the future with support from Bevel Hybrid Learning Framework.

We make sure we understand what your team wants and feels. And we find the right fit for you with a customised hybrid approach to our offline retreats combined with online mental health modules and on-demand coaching.

Programme Settings


We work with hospitality partners around the world to give you the best experience and the comfort you deserve

We offer a holistic programme, which includes a special restaurant menu, digital detox, and mindful meditation

We cooperate with recognised trainers and business mentors who deliver an impactful approach to team reinvention.


Interested in discussing further?

We are flexible and provide a tailor-made approach to agenda, which depends on the number of participants, business priorities and dates. We therefore encourage you to make any enquiries through our team at or leave your contact details below.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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