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Xavier Scholl

Building trust and self-confidence is a recognized success factor in our life, whatever our level of professional responsibility. My support ranges from executives and managers to people in career transition and entrepreneurs, to develop their leadership skills. To do this, I rely on my knowledge as an ICF PCC certified coach and trainer, as well as my experience in management, international private banking, IT, and also as an energetic therapist.

I integrate stress management methods, neuroscience, skills assessment and psychometric tools in my human-oriented approach.

In Power Motion, Xavier will help you tailor your life balance simultaneously with your career and business. Climbing, mountain hiking, off-piste skiing, meditation, family time — are a part of his personal balance. Perhaps, you’re sharing some passions?

“I was seduced by the approach and Xavier's enthusiasm, listening and ability to serve as a coach allowed me to truly do this 360° personal and professional introspection and development work.”

“The coaching method proposed by Xavier allowed me to quickly adapt and modify my behaviors in many situations, to help me in decision and to considerably improve the success of my company.”

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Xavier Scholl


Business & Leadership Coach ∙ Confidence Catalyst

Professional Orientation:

Career Transition ∙ Entrepreneurship ∙ Life Balance ∙ Well-Being


Geneva, Switzerland





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This interactive 50% concept 50% practical program will introduce you to the “5 pillars of Well-Being and Self-Confidence”.

Xavier will help you to develop the alignment and cultivate the positive mindset critical for the success of our projects and visions. After this program you will be ready to take action with desire and certainty.

Well-being and self-confidence are neuro-emotional education. You will discover how to break down the habits of physical and mental ill-being in favor of the optimistic, happy and determined personality that you desire to be.

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Signature Group Programme

Building Self-Confidence for Success by Xavier Scholl

Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1: Understand mental and emotional mechanisms of well-being, self-esteem and confidence. Develop our well-being muscle

Session 2: Better know yourself: identify your fears and drivers of change

Session 3: Cultivate a positive mindset, say goodbye to the imposteor syndrom

Session 4: Develop Self-Confidence and Strategy for Success

Session 5: Acquire and implement the self-coaching habits at home

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