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Joëlle Dey-Boada

Curious and passionate about new projects, I long believed my career had no clear direction. Connecting the dots, I see my actions always contribute to personal empowerment, consciousness and unity. I’ve been supporting professionals in developing their personal power for almost 20 years. Each of my trainings in nursing, naturopathy, energy therapies, kundalini yoga, abundance coaching, integral coaching and women leadership coaching have enriched and enhanced my services.

Since 2011, I give weekly Kundalini Yoga classes with great pleasure. This practice allows me to embody and share values such as self-love, acceptance of what is, joy of life and deep respect for each other.

"Joëlle is an exceptional yoga teacher, always welcoming and encouraging. I like the diversity of this practice: it is sometimes calm, sometimes dynamic. You relax and recharge your batteries. I love the chanted mantras too!” — Marion B.

"Take a moment for yourself and leave with a light heart - well, rather a light body, because the heart is filled with a beautiful energy and exudes joy! Kundalini does a lot of good and calms our minds, often so agitated by everyday life.” — Julie A.

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Signature Group Programme

Inner Balance and Heart Connection Program by Joëlle Dey-Boada

In this 5-session program, we balance the mind and body, the masculine and feminine, the physical and energetical, the rational, emotional and spiritual to find alignment and get centered in our heart. Using yoga and meditation techniques, this program helps you achieve profound peace and clarity, gathering more energy and power to go forward with your professional and personal life.

Each session includes easy-to-apply tools to use whenever you want to get your inner balance back and connect to your heart center.

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Mindfulness Coach ∙ Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1. Releasing stress & getting grounded

Session 2. Gathering your energy

Session 3. Body adjustment to elevate the spirit

Session 4. Opening the heart center

Session 5. Creating self-love

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