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Dupie JvR

I have been in the leadership development space for 9 years. I am drawn to help people discover, nurture and mature their unique leadership gifts. My fascination with leadership led me to study Theology, where I discovered the power of meaning and purpose in life and leadership. After finishing my Theology studies I decided to do a Masters in Coaching through The Stellenbosch University Business School because I felt drawn to the art and science of coaching and how it helped people find meaning in leadership from within.

In Power Motion Dupie will help you to find integrated paths through the complexities of transitions in life, such as being promoted while being new parents, just married or having to mourn the passing of a loved one. Other transitions such as retirement, starting a new business or a new management role in a company.

“Dupie is an excellent coach. Immediately puts you at ease and gets to the heart of the problem in no time and guides and supports you to reach solutions without stalling” — Simi

“Wow, guys, I had the most amazing sessions with Dupie. I recommend him to anyone that needs a thinking partner and someone to help them discover more about themselves” — J Ross

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Leadership Development Coach

Professional Orientation:

Personal Leadership ∙ Family Relations ∙ Life Transitions


Kimberley, South Africa





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Signature Group Programme

Family Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership in the context of family is being able to nurture, develop and sustain quality relationships with those in our family circle . 

In this coaching journey the coach will help you define and reach your goals pertaining to nurturing, developing and sustaining quality family relationships. 

Each part of the journey is designed to help you work towards a better future with your family, weather it means restoring broken relationships or taking whole relationships to the next level!

Here is your 5 session plan:

Session 1: Your role in creating intimate family relationships

Session 2: Finding meaning in your family relationships

Session 3: How to nurture quality family relationships

Session 4: Wow to go about developing family relationships

Session 5: The secret to sustainable family relationships

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