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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

Bevel is thrilled to invite you to our highly-anticipated Mindfulness session exclusively for David Lloyd club members.

We help businesses, leaders, and individuals find balanced fulfillment at work and at home. We’ve partnered with David Lloyd to share our exclusive, members-only, one-hour masterclass on mental wellness.

As a David Lloyd member, you already understand the benefits of a healthy heart.

Now it’s time to look after your mind.

Connect with your Power:


Enable yourself to
show up more confidently for yourself and others


When you hear the term wellness, you may think spa therapy or spiritual retreats. While we believe there are benefits to exploring these avenues, Bevel offers something different.


Whether you are in the boardroom or at afterschool pick-up, maintaining a healthy state of mind supports productivity, goal-setting, and decision-making.


Just like physical exercise, mental 

4ward Motion isn’t about achieving perfection. Instead, it’s about practicing consistency and building awareness.


Our 360-approach to  mental wellness will help you synchronise all the moving parts of your life. 


You can more easily tap into your creativity and your problem-solving skills. You will also be better equipped to handle stress, setbacks, and challenging circumstances.


Creating a mindfulness bank with tools that help you regulate your emotions while finding balance, clarity, and focus.

At Bevel, we believe there is a wealth of unexplored power in our minds and bodies. When we reconnect with our deeper selves, the pieces to our individual puzzles start to align.

Bevel Founder, Inna Malaia

There's no better way to

Celebrate your innate power

than by helping you connect with your body and mind.

By building a robust foundation that starts from within, you’ll feel confident taking on any challenge that comes your way. During this session, you will discover the strong link between your body and your emotions, and how to harness their power as you navigate life.


You will walk away with techniques that support and strengthen your mental well-being. Let’s honour the female body, its physiology, and limitless power.


Laura Miñano

Sophrologist, Stress Managament & Meditation Coach


“We will split the session into two-thirty-minute parts. During the first half, I will provide an introduction into how our mind, body, and emotions are interconnected, and how small changes in our daily life can improve our overall health and well-being. We will also explore the masculine and feminine energies that live within each of us and learn how to harness these tools to further develop our long-term health.”


“During the second half of the session, you will learn to apply these unique techniques in a welcoming, safesetting. Stretching, breathwork, meditation, and sound therapy will all play a role. There will also be time for group sharing and feedback. You will walk away with practical tips you can take into the real world to improve your emotional agility, manage stress, improve self-discipline, find relaxation, and develop a safe and healthy dialogue with your mind and body. I hope you’ll join me.” 

- Bevel Mindfulness Trainer, Laura Miñano

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