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When we own our truth, the world opens up for our authentic transformation

By following an inspiring approach to growth and change, Bevel educates individuals and companies on how to mindfully scale and compete within the world’s ever-changing landscape, all while prioritising fulfilment.
Allow yourself to explore your deepest aspirations, to lead a life full of joy and inspire people around you, both at home and at work. Bevel offers programmes designed to nurture and empower: 



3 - D A Y   H I D E A W A Y

Programme design:

2 Nights at 5-Star Hotel ∙ Full Board ∙ Empowerment ∙ Mindfulness ∙ Coaching

  • Join an in-person Hideaway and discover your own leadership potential with designated time and space to escape, think, plan and change. 

Bevel Hideaway programme will help you progress in all aspects of life so that you can evolve into a more accomplished and impactful being.


You will:

- Unlock your true self and get free from own limitations

- Discover your superpowers with Enneagram Personality Test

- Feel entirely empowered to move your life forward



2 - D A Y   O F F S I T E

Programme design:

2 Nights at 5-Star Hotel ∙ Full Board ∙ Culture ∙ Engagement ∙ Leadership

  • Shape the future of your business by understanding how to connect authentically with yourself and your team at Authentic Team Hideaway

Bevel Authentic Teams Hideaway Programme shows you how to connect you with your team at an authentic level.

You will:

- Develop core team strengths and discover new ways to collaborate

- Visualise team culture that resonates with all team members

- Use Enneagram to identify evolutionary team cooperation


Bevel Hideaways give participants full permission to learn and grow mindfully in a safe, peaceful environment. By setting an intention to explore the limitless possibilities of your future, you’ll likely walk away with a pivotal experience that stays in your heart and mind for a very long time.