When we own our truth, the world opens up for our authentic transformation

By following an inspiring approach to growth and change, Bevel educates individuals and companies on how to mindfully scale and compete within the world’s ever-changing landscape, all while prioritizing fulfilment. Allow yourself to explore your deepest aspirations, to lead a life full of joy and inspire people around you, both at home and at work. Bevel offers programmes designed to nurture and empower: 

  • Join an in-person Hideaway and discover your own leadership potential with designated time and space to escape, think, plan and change. 

  • Shape the future of your business by understanding how to connect authentically with yourself and your team at Authentic Teams Programme

  • Gain immediate access to the 4ward Motion digital platform and explore tools that support your continued growth in all areas of your life and work.

  • Book a customized 4ward Motion online programme for your team to bridge the gap between remote work and in-person team bonding, and to support your team’s positive outlook.



February 10-12, '23, Switzerland

Everything is on us:

2 Nights at 5-Star Hotel ∙ Full Board ∙ Empowerment ∙ Mindfulness ∙ Nutrition

Our Wellbeing Approach

Our Wellbeing Approach

Mindfulness and Empowerment to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bevel Hideaways

Bevel Hideaways

Discover your true self and step into your superpower on Bevel Hideaway

Scale Up Programme

Scale Up Programme

Drive business performance through personal upskilling


Our mission is to encourage a meaningful work-life balance among individuals

By building a larger, thriving system of sustainable fulfilment, we can lay the groundwork for human-centric leadership at work and purpose-driven relationships at home.


Bevel seeks to strengthen best practices through inclusive dialogue and methodologies. By putting all humans first – irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation or race – we can prove that hierarchy is not a necessary component of transformative leadership.


Bevel makes personal development a priority, providing a comfortable setting in which individuals can learn progressive leadership tools while focusing on the things that matter most.


Bevel believes in the opportunity that balance presents as a fluid, productive approach to work and life. Flexibility and positivity unlock internal motivators that can significantly change how we operate and lead us to find deep happiness.


Bevel was built on the premise that every individual exists to make an impact. Our role is to create the space for individuals to harmoniously align their purpose with their personal and professional lives.


By building a sustainable ecosystem with value-driven partners who are ready to adapt to the changing world, Bevel sets the tone for unparalleled leadership while enabling healthy working environments, access to jobs and economic growth.