Our Purpose 

Bevel is an empowerment platform designed to inspire people to seek opportunities in an ever-changing world.

Our work-life balance approach, based on freedom of choice and human-centered leadership, was the perfect complement to a new international integration programme aimed at accelerating the assimilation of Ukrainians in Switzerland and other European countries.

Now we are the witnesses of the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. At the same time, it is the most complicated humanitarian challenge for Europe. Bevel has its very special role in this transformative moment of world history.

Inspired by brave spirit of her nation, Bevel Founder Inna Malaia couldn’t be inactive while her motherland is defending its thriving future.


Bevel Integration Programme 

An impactful framework to boost the adaption and dynamic growth of Ukrainians in the new reality of migration.

This programme is targeted to transform it into sustainable space favorable for the exchange of social, professional, and cultural resources. We are focusing on high-value goal to build the next generation of leaders who are able to convert fears into strength.

The aim of the programme is to inspire Ukrainians to create a new life map and career plan in Switzerland and other European countries, where temporary hosting has been provided for them.

Programme offer: 2-month design of online/offline webinars and workshops | 31st of October until 15th of December 2022 | In English

Main topics: Local Regulations, Social Integration, Cultural Adaption, Healing Trauma, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Confidence, Self-Leadership, Job Strategy, Entrepreneurship.

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Programme cost: If you are a Ukrainian migrant living in Europe, you apply for sponsorship of the scholarship by Bevel or one of our partners. If you are not a Ukrainian migrant, and you are interested to join, you can select any module (300 CHF/EUR each) or the entire programme (900 CHF/EUR), part of which will cover the Ukrainian scholarship.

Our Team

Meet Bevel Integration Programme's Coaches

Experienced in leading multi-cultural and cross-functional teams, along with transformative leadership, meet the team of trainers and coaches who will support anyone involved in the forceful refugee movement.