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Our Purpose 

Bevel is a Human-centric Empowerment Platform

That offers its members curated training, coaching and community-building opportunities designed to empower professionals to achieve their full potential.

Bevel’s ultimate mission is to foster the development of meaningful work-life wellbeing and self fulfilment.
Our holistic programmes nurture and empower the individuals, giving them the tools to shape the future of their communities.

Our Approach 

Bevel’s approach to an optimal work-life wellbeing is based on human-centered leadership.  It is a finely-tuned complement to an international Capacity Building Programme aimed at accelerating the successful integration of displaced professionals in Switzerland and other European countries.


Bevel Capacity Building Programme for Ukraine 

The world is currently witnessing the most challenging refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. Bevel serves a vital role in this transformative moment in world history.  

Eight million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and loved ones and find life elsewhere.  Bevel is providing the tools and education to give Ukrainians mental and emotional power to build new lives in communities in Switzerland and across Europe.

An impactful framework designed to foster the assimilation and dynamic growth of Ukrainians within the new realities of migration the world is now facing.

The aim of Bevel Capacity Building Programme is to inspire and empower Ukrainians to create a new life map and career trajectory in Switzerland and other countries within the European community where temporary emergency migratory status has been granted.

Programme offerings: 21 March - 11 May | 6 June - 27 July 2023

A combination of bespoke online and offline workshops | Language: English

Primary topics:

Social Orientation, Cultural Adaption, Stress Management, Self-Confidence, Mindfulness, Self-Leadership, Integration Strategies, International Networking

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Programme cost: 250 CHF 


Ukrainian citizens living abroad with special refugee status can apply for programme sponsorship. Bevel extends its heartfelt thank you to our individual sponsors and organizational partners for their support of this one-of-a-kind empowerment programme.

Meet Bevel Integration Programme's Team

Trained in leading multi-cultural and cross-functional teams, experienced in transformative leadership, meet our outstanding team of trainers and mentors who support programme attendees.

Our Programme Design

Bevel's Capacity Building Programme is aimed at rebuilding inner power and foster the skills required to shape their own future.  Its multi-component platform nurtures influential and energetic leaders motivated to catalyze positive contributions across functions and geographies.

Module 1. Resilience
Behavioural Sensitivities
Cross-Cultural Relations
Building Trust


Module 2. Empowerment
Professional Branding
Leveraging Creativity
Career Strategy


Our Graduates Say

“Powerful and professional Bevel. Thank you so much for meaningful months of coaching program, it was the most valuable dive into myself, the culture and the market. Offline and online meetings, presentations, sessions, each and every one left its deep impact. Inna one love. Professional, empathic, driving force of the project. Grateful.”

Alyona Pavlova, Entrepreneur

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