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Bevel Self-Leadership Retreat

Reinvent your personal and professional life
at a 3-day Empowerment Retreat

Le Palace De Menthon ∙ Annecy, France 

November 17-19, 2023 

Programme Overview

Give yourself the freedom to choose you. Join Bevel’s 3-day empowering self-leadership programme in a peaceful luxury resort where you will progress your personal and professional life. You’ll learn to identify what’s holding you back and how to live a more conscious and impactful life. Find value in leading yourself, so you can confidently lead others.

What to expect?

Each stage of the programme is strategically designed for proper flow, inspiration, and impact. When you join our programme, you’ll meet various individuals from diverse backgrounds who are at different stages of their own journey.

Our goal is to help you feel empowered to embrace the moment with strength and courage while being surrounded by caring, supportive and understanding participants, as well as experienced mentors.

Using an advanced mix of mindful practices, we will help you to identify your blind spots and free yourself from your own limitations.

By understanding Bevel’s self-assessment, change management, and leadership techniques, you will learn
how to better maintain your superpowers.

After only four days, you will have
the clarity about your future and feel entirely empowered to move your life forward.

Le Palace de Menthon ∙ Annecy, France

Open the door into your future at a 5-star historic French palace

Write a beautiful story of your life on the shores of Lake Annecy, where you can reset your mind, body and spirit, listen to your heart and rediscover the missing link to your wellbeing and happiness.

Your landing airport is Geneva, Switzerland.

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Programme Team

Meet your coaches

What our participants say about their experience with Bevel 

To be honest, it was the first time I tried something so new to me. If you are open to it, you can change the way you currently do things for the better."

Programme Agenda and Logistics

Approach the world with a sense of purpose, confidence and passion, and grow authentically into the life you want to lead

Day 1 / 17.11 Personal Evaluation & Self-Awareness

Day 2 / 18.11 Personal Growth & Self-Capasity

∙  Your Enneagram type in details
∙  Your top character strengths
∙  Elevating your emotional agility
∙  Evening meditation
∙  Dinner and journaling

Start: 14:00
Arrival airport: Geneva CH
Arrival train station: Annecy
Hotel: Le Palace de Menthon

∙  Morning meditation and breakfast
∙  Training the brain
∙  Coordinating the energy
∙  Your lifestyle transformation
∙  Lunch
∙  Reassessing your inner motivations
∙  Outside mindfulness activity
∙  Individual coaching and journaling
∙  Evening meditation
∙  Dinner

Day 3 / 19.11 Personal Evolution & Self-Purpose

∙  Morning meditation and breakfast
∙  Reinventing the life goals
∙  Defining your life purpose

∙  Lunch and programme closing 

End: 14:00
Departure airport:
Geneva CH
Departure train station: Annecy 
Hotel: Le Palace de Menthon


Give yourself the freedom to be present for you

Bevel Hideaway is a 3-day authentic leadership programme that will help you to progress in your personal and professional life, allowing you to evolve into a more purpose-driven and impactful being.

Contact Retreat Consultant

The programme price:

1,950 CHF

What's included:
∙ Singe Room in a 5-Star Hotel
 Food: Full Board & Coffee Breaks
 Learning Activities
∙ Personality Assessment
∙ Individual Self-Guide
∙ Coaching
∙ Access to SPA

Reduced Price: 
Programme only w/o food and accomodation

∙  Programme Tuition
∙  Self-Guide & Assessments
∙  Individual Coaching 

Programme special price:

1,050 CHF


Identify what’s holding you back and make incredible progress in moving forward towards a more aware and meaningful life. 

Fill out the contact form and our consultant will reach you at a time convenient for you to share more about the Bevel Leadership Programme.

Please note: we have only 12 available spots for this retreat. 

Thanks for getting in touch!

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