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The Stress-Free Nutrition Programme

Eat, think, sleep, create, and experience life better

Explore 3 weeks of live online learning, professional coaching and support. This programme will show you how healthy eating habits can fit into your lifestyle with flexible options, positive reinforcement, and long-term benefits.

January 20 – February 3, 2022 ∙ Online, Zoom


Programme Overview

Over just three weeks, we will show you various options to identify what type of nutrition lifestyle fits you. You will learn how to uncomplicate the concept of healthy and balanced nutrition. In addition to the more apparent dangers associated with the Covid-19, the world has been left with many other health side effects. Limited social and physical activity has affected our stress levels and nutrition. It’s time to take back control of your health.

∙  Simplify and structure key nutrition principles

∙  Identify what provokes stress, cravings, and weight gain

∙  Learn from participants' personal experiences

∙  Establish your own routine that includes time and money saving shopping and cooking habits

What You Will Learn

With Bevel, you will eat, think, sleep, and experience life like never before

Does stress dictate your diet? Have you developed unhealthy eating habits? Through group and one-on-one coaching, self-reflection and useful insights, you’ll learn to recognize your stress triggers, understand how to release them, and chart a new way towards sustained healthy living.

Learn the proven methods developed by leading nutrition experts to overcome your unhealthy eating habits.

Get easy tips on how to manage your daily diet without stress, along with the ways to save time in the kitchen.

Become an expert in the latest science-based nutrition developments that will help you to eat well and feel great.​

Receive support during the course via webinars, chemistry calls, and additional group networking sessions.

Please note: This programme has coaching purposes and is not intended for the provision of any healthcare services. You should not sign up for this programme as a substitute for any healthcare assistance provided by a medical practitioner.


Programme Coach

Meet Oksana Petersen, your nutrition and life coach

"My journey started years ago when I was a supervisor in a large, fast-paced corporation. I worked hard, but after a while, it left me feeling emotionally and physically depleted. Having experienced several work-related burnouts, I knew I had to make some serious changes in my life. Now, I help professionals transform their lives by prioritizing nutrition and overall health. By keeping the body healthy, mind sharp, and heart happy, we can all learn to handle whatever life and work throw at us. I believe that each of us has the tools to thrive; we simply need to learn how to implement them."

Oksana has obtained recognized qualifications from the International Coaching Federation and Institute of Health Sciences. She's an Associate Certified Coach, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and Enneagram Coach.

“Oksana’s approach to nutrition is different and very effective. She's guided me to the understanding of my eating behaviors, which has really helped me to eat healthier and lose wight.” — Clara

Meet Your Nutrition Coach
Programme Agenda

Programme Agenda

Build healthy nutrition habits and see positive changes right now

Session 1 ∙ Principles of Balanced Nutrition

Erasing myths, barriers, and optimizing your meals. On the first session, you will structure the knowledge you have about different diets and nutrition principles. We will discover how what we eat impacts our mood, weight, and health, as well as what we can do to improve our nutrition habits.

Time: 20.01.2022, 12:30-13:30 CEST
Format: Online Group Session, Zoom

Chemistry Call ∙ Individual Follow-Up With the Coach

Following the first session, you may book your one-on-one chemistry call with Oksana Petersen.
During this chemistry call, we will discuss your individual nutrition experience and clarify what could be done differently, based on your lifestyle and personal needs.

Time: Upon request
Format: Individual Online Session, Zoom

Session 2 ∙ Proven Stress-Free Nutrition Hacks

Winning back the power with healthy eating habits and practical tips. If the stress dictates your diet — this session is just the right one to attend. You will get new insights and understand how to overcome annoying habits and what are the new ways of managing your nutrition.

Time: 27.01.2022, 12:30-13:30 CEST
Format: Online Group Session, Zoom

Group Exchange ∙ Ask Your Questions & Learn

During the exchange, you will have an opportunity to chat with like-minded people and share your own experiences. Learn from each other and charter a new way towards sustained healthy living. Get answers to the questions that would help you to manage your nutrition.

Time: 1.02.2022, 12:30-13:30 CEST
Format: Online Group Session, Zoom

Session 3 ∙ Adopting New Healthy Nutrition Habits

The last session of the programme is dedicated to finding easy and enjoyable ways to maintain healthy nutrition habits, which will also fit your daily agenda. The right nutrition for you doesn’t need to be complicated. We will show you a new way to manage it — you will love it!

Time: 3.02.2022, 12:30-13:30 CEST
Format: Online Group Session, Zoom

Master healthy eating habits to reduce stress, increase energy levels, and feel great throughout the day.


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Pricing & Registration

Discover your blind spots in nutrition and find a new way towards a healthier lifestyle

Ready to take your nutrition to a new level? Sign in to understand your stress triggers and how to release them, learn the key nutrition principles and myths, share experience with like-minded people.

The programme price:

150 CHF

What's included:
 Three Online Group Sessions
 One-On-One Chemistry Call 
 Group Exchange Call
 Nutrition Exercises

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