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Hurry up! All 5 sessions are now available at 80 CHF (instead of 100)

Increase your holistic body and mind agility with our Bevel Pilates Programme

Learn how the power of movement can enhance your strength, awareness and balance. Guided by pilates coach Tilla Fries, this programme will give you an opportunity to explore your deeper self while forming an indestructible mind-body connection that stabilizes your overall health.


19 October – 02 November 2021  •  Online

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After just 5 sessions, you’ll feel stronger, happier, and more confident

Master progressively pilates techniques to increase your muscle strength, improve your posture, flexibility, and mobility. Tilla will equip you with the small tips and tricks on how to maintain your energy levels through the day and stay focused and concentrated.

  • Session 1. Master the breathing technics to increase your endurance and emotional control
    Discover the secrets of different types of breathing you can use in various situations to calm down, relax and boost your concentration. 


  • ​Session 2. Strengthen your core muscles to feel more confident and balanced
    Learn the pilates routine that will warm up and strengthen all your core muscles that are responsible for your endurance. 


  • Session 3. Go through the full body alignment to improve your posture and concentration
    This class will help you to understand how to align your body and mind to make concentration easier. 


  • Session 4. Integrate pilates techniques in your routines at home to improve stress management
    Discover effective exercises to prepare yourself for the stressful situations (public speaking, exams, important interview, first date, and more). 


  • Session 5. Learn to accelerate energy flow to improve your concentration and efficiency
    Our pilates routines will help you accelerate energy flow against the fatigue through your body. It will make you feel happier, stronger and more efficient.


Force in Motion brings you back your confidence and grace with a holistic Body & Mind Coordination Programme led by pilates expert Tilla Fries

Discover the far-reaching power of a strong physical base. Tilla will show you how to push past your limits in order to nurture your physical and mental capacity.

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