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Hurry up! All 5 sessions are now available at 80 CHF (instead of 100)

When we eat better — we think, sleep, create and live better

Learn healthy, mindful eating and lifestyle habits to help you reduce stress, increase energy levels, and function optimally while eliminating the fear of burnout.
Guided by nutrition and life coach Oksana Petersen, this programme of 5 sessions will teach you that what you put into your body directly impacts your wellbeing and potential.

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12 October – 02 November 2021  •  Online

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After just 5 sessions, you’ll feel closer to your authentic and healthy self

Discover your blind spots in nutrition while Oksana helps you charter a new way forward towards a healthier lifestyle. Key features of the programme include the basics of nutrition, avoiding the vicious cycle of stress and cravings, nutrition efficiency and weight loss.

  • Session 1. Basics of nutrition, eat well & be well
    Discover the secrets that nutritionists use to create your own meal plan and recipes for healthy eating, no matter how busy you are.


  • ​Session 2. Manage unhealthy eating habits
    Get effective tips and proven methods to help you break bad eating habits much easier than you ever thought possible.


  • Session 3. Part with cravings to improve energy
    Master successful techniques for overcoming your cravings for better concentration and energy.


  • Session 4. Time efficiency in nutrition
    Find out ways to save time in the kitchen. You'll be surprised to learn that eating a balanced diet is neither expensive nor time-consuming.


  • Session 5. Stress management through nutrition
    Find out how to eat to increase your emotional resilience and get off the treadmill of "I'm always hungry" or "I don't feel like eating at all" when you're stressed.

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Force in Motion brings you a comprehensive Eating & Lifestyle Habits Transformation Programme led by a top expert — Oksana Petersen 

Feel powerful in your body and mind with a new approach to healthy eating that you can actually maintain. Oksana will show you how to build nourishing habits and see positive changes that become part of your lifestyle.

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